The Total Leak Detection Company finds any leak and helps you with your reports.

We decided to build a business around simplifying the plumbing industry with Total Leak Detection. With 3rd generation plumbing knowledge, we look to redefine customer service in 3 concentrated areas - water leak detection, sewer camera inspections and plumbing report writing.  

We see great opportunity servicing our local clients here in Doral & in the surrounding Miami area. From preventing sewer pipe problems to delivering super reliable plumbing reports, we have you covered. 

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Leak Detection Services​

Have a leak? We'll find it! With upfront pricing and immediate assistance with our dispatcher we provide a seamless and fast experience.  Time is everything in locating and fixing water leaks.  Our experienced leak detection technicians will de-stress  your headache of a situation.  

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Plumbing Report Writing

The perfect plumbing reports makes all of the issues with your property's plumbing clear as a Miami sunny day.  With this knowledge it makes it much easier where to navigate potential problems and the cost.  Our team specializes in writing these reliable reports in a fast efficient way with no mistakes - helping you take best corrective action is what we care about. To fix or replace?

Sewer Camera Inspection


Sewer Camera Inspections

Your gut feeling is telling you something is wrong with your plumbing pipes. Sewer camera inspections help with verifying that gut feeling, potential pipe problems and keeping your costs down with preventive maintenance knowledge.  It's a win-win, and usually on the affordable side.

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