We decided to build a business around simplifying the plumbing industry with Total Leak Detection. With 3rd generation plumbing knowledge, we look to redefine customer service in three concentrated areas: water leak detection, sewer camera inspections, and plumbing report writing.  

From preventing sewer pipe problems to delivering super reliable plumbing reports, we have you covered. If you suspect you have a leak, seek help immediately. Speed is everything in leak detection services. A plumbing leak, even a minor one, can end up becoming a long-term headache. 

The good news is that the sooner they are corrected, the less chance there is of it causing serious damage to your home or business.

Why choose us? 

We specialize in non-invasive leak detection. This involves the use of advanced techniques inside and outside the house that avoid expensive tear-down of walls, floors, and landscaping. Not only do we have the advanced tools and equipment, but have properly trained professionals to create customized solutions for your exact problem.

  • 45+ years of experience 
  • Fast camera inspections
  • Our leak find is guaranteed
  • Expert leak detection technicians
  • Trained in advanced detection techniques
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • Fast plumbing reports
  • We create reports for insurance purposes
  • Immediate emergency response