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At our Total Leak Detection, we understand the importance of providing reliable and thorough sewer camera inspections. Our team of experienced plumbing experts are certified to perform sewer camera inspections in Miami, Florida. We use the most advanced camera systems and other equipment to ensure that our inspections are accurate and efficient.

Video Inspections

Determining the cause of a clogged drain or examining the condition of your plumbing system sometimes requires a more in-depth examination.

By performing a video camera inspection, we are able to see first-hand what is happening inside your pipes so that we can address your issue quickly and efficiently.  

What is a Video Camera Inspection?

A specialized rod fitted with an HD camera is placed into your pipes. It is attached to a large cable that is snaked through your pipes checking the overall condition and searching for the source of your issue. These videos can reveal any cracks, clog sources or structural problems with your property’s pipes. 

Fast & Reliable

We provide detailed reports after each inspection. Also, our reports contain high-resolution images of the inside of your sewer lines, as well as detailed descriptions of any issues or obstructions we may find. This way you can make informed decisions regarding sewer repairs or maintenance.

Our sewer camera inspections are fast, reliable and affordable. We have years of experience in the plumbing industry, and strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. We also use the most up-to-date technology to ensure that our inspections are accurate and thorough.

Camera Inspections Can Be Used to Diagnose the Following:

  • Clogs and leaks
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Pipes with cracks or misaligned joints
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Find lost items that have fallen down the drain
  • Inspect pipes in older homes
  • Assess the condition of septic systems
  • Remodelling – ensure that your pipes can handle additional usage

Advantages of Completing a Camera Inspection on your Pipes

First of all, you will understand what’s going on with your pipes. This will give you a first-hand look at the condition of your pipes. In addition, you will accurately pinpoint the location of your issue. 

Also, a camera inspection will prevent major plumbing repair expenses. So you will locate any potential problems early on before they become a more costly issue. 

Leave it to the Professionals

When it comes to completing a video camera inspection on your plumbing system, it is a good idea to leave it to our professionals.

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