Shower Pan Leaks

Do you suspect you have a shower pan leak? From our experience, showers can often leak due to improper installation. It can be difficult to detect the source of the leak. If you are asking yourself questions such as:

  • Why is my shower leaking?
  • Do I have a shower drain leak?

This guide is for you.

The video below will show you how to perform a Shower Pan Leak Detection, also referred to as a shower pan test or shower pan leak test. This process is simple but does require some time to get the right result.

Learn the step-by-step process of checking for leaks, from locating the source of the leak to using a moisture meter to detect it. Get tips on the importance of sealing your shower pan correctly and find the best solution for a permanent fix.

As you can tell, you require some specific equipment to perform the leak detection. But in reality it’s a simple process.

Procedures for a Shower Pan Test

Here we will go over all the procedures to do a Shower Pan Test.

You only need a few things to perform a test:

  • Tape
  • Air Pressure Ball
  • Screwdriver

The test takes a few hours. Mostly it takes that long because you need to wait for the water to leak. Now the following are the steps to take:

  • First you need to remove the screws and the drain plate
  • Place the air pressure ball into the drain.
  • After the drain is covered you can place a mark on the wall using painters tape or something else to mark the water level.
  • After the water reaches the mark, you should wait to see any changes in the water level. It may take several hours to see any changes in the water level.
  • If you notice a change in the water lever, it means that the Shower Pan is Leaking.

Shower Pans In General

Shower pan leaks are a common yet often overlooked cause of water damage and mold in the home. The liner of the shower pan, which is usually made of thin, strong, and flexible plastic, can last anywhere from 10 to 40 years, depending on the materials and the amount of use it gets.

However, improper installation or a defective plastic liner can lead to a shower pan leak sooner than expected. The main piece that can fail in a shower pan’s construction is the thin plastic liner (see image below). To prevent water damage and mold, it is important to inspect your shower pan regularly and make sure it is properly installed and sealed.

Shower Pan Diagram

Shower Pan Diagram

The plastic liner of a shower pan is a vital component for keeping water from leaking or filtering out while someone is taking a shower.

If not addressed quickly, a shower pan leak can lead to water damage on bathroom walls, around the shower curb, first floor ceilings under the shower, and in crawl spaces. Furthermore, it can cause mold growth and wet rot in the subfloor.

Watch the video above to learn how to test the liner for any potential leaks. To prevent water damage and mold, it is important to inspect your shower pan regularly and make sure it is properly installed and sealed.

This test must be done and is recommended by most building codes during inspections before the tile is installed. It can also be done after tile has been installed as well to test for leaks.

We still recommend calling a professional to 100% confirm this is the cause of your leak. 

3 Common Problems With Shower Pans

The 3 most common areas a shower pan can leak from :

  1. Your shower liner having a hole or rip during tile installation
  2. A general old or faulty shower liner. 
  3. Around the drain area where the bolts hold the liner down.
  4. The connection found when the shower is bigger than standard size or a bench / sitting area is placed inside the shower area. These benches might look nice but they are prone to leaks and humidity build up inside the voided areas that cause mold. ( see picture below of an example of a bench in shower pan) Shower Pan Installed Correctly

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