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Total Leak Detection is a  leak detection services company that is laser-focused on solving anyone's water leak problems. Leaks can be discreet and non-obvious to the eye.  That is the scary part. 

Over time it can cause major damage to your property and possibly even your health. Randomness can be a bothersome to say the least . Water leaks cause insurance companies’ money, and property owners annoying circumstances.

A catastrophic water intrusion event that costs you money is what you want to avoid. Time is what you’re up against.

Act Fast and Know What Your Up Against!

Water leaks are unpredictable and as a professional leak detection company we understand your problems.  This short video gives you some visual insight on what could happen to you or anyone else and how our restoration team can clean up the mess. 

Speed is everything in leak detection services. Wasting time is not part of anyone’s timeline, especially when it comes to an unforeseen water leak. A plumbing leak, even a minor one, can end up becoming a long-term headache for a homeowner. The good news is that they can corrected before they become an even bigger issue – remember not all leak detection services are created equal!

We specialize in non-invasive leak detection. This involves the use of advanced techniques inside and outside the house that avoid expensive tear-down of walls, floors, and landscaping. Not only do we have the advanced tools and equipment, but have properly trained professionals to create customized solutions for your exact problem.

Leaks Can...​​​​​

  • Waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide!
  • Waste 90 gallons of water or more per day in 10% of homes
  • Be corrected efficiently with the right professional

I need a leak detection!

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First thing to do when you have a water leak.

The best thing to do is to shut off the main shut off gate valve to stop the water until we arrive. This will help stop any additional water damage to your property.

Once we have arrived, there is a step by step process that our licensed plumbers take to properly find a leak. This process has been perfected through 40+ years of experience, and it helps us find leaks quickly and effectively.


Sure-fire signs that you may need leak detection services and...

  • Mildew, musty or moldy smells that are hard to pin dow
  • Overgrowth on the lawn
  • Structural damage like wrapping walls or flooring
  • Pest infestation

The 3 W's

WATER PRESSURE I​​​​​​​​​​​​S Low 

Total-leak-detection-water pressure meter


Upset woman with high water bill

WATER DAMAGEs Are Expensive

Water Leaking On Wood Floor

Leak Detection Types – What To Expect Inside and Outside Your Home

Leak Detections can either be used individually or bundled depending on your situation but here a few methods we use…

Visual -in most cases you will be able to do this on your own. Professional leak detection will include looking at pipes that are exposed in greater detail and in obscured spots. Leak detection service companies may find other issues with your pipes you weren’t anticipating.

Sound - acoustic leak detection is the most common form of leak detection used.

Radar- is another method in which plumbers “charge the pipes” to help determining the leak location. This is done by putting locator clamps on the visible portion of the pipe that transmits radar signal.

We use specialized equipment to register sounds from your plumbing, amplify them, then transmit them to a secure database. This triangulates the location of the leak.

Leak Detection

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Did You Know That every leak produces sounds at different frequencies, based on the location, content, and pressure?

DIY vs Professional Leak Detection Services

With the costs of home improvement being quite high in some cases, there’s a natural instinct to want to try and save money by handling things on your own.

It’s not cost-effective! Here is why...

  • You're a DIYer
  • You lack plumbing expertise
  • You will have to buy specialized equipment at a notable price

The Result? You miss the mark on something you paid for and still have leaks lurking. 

Budgeting For Leak Detection Services Near Me

Budgeting for Total Leak Detection

Things can vary because of two key things: The type and location of the leak. It can range from $120-150 for the first hour. For any additional hours, it can cost between $70-100. 

If you are paying for a leak detection in a more difficult-to-reach area, the cost rises accordingly.  Lets say you suspect a leak but don’t have an idea where it is, your leak detection services may need to inspect your entire pipe system – raising the labor costs.

There are several different types of leaks that differentiated by the nature of the water leaking.  The most urgent are black water leaks. These types of leaks are basically contaminated by waste or natural materials and are the most expensive to fix. 

Why Total Leak Detection Services?

  • 45 + Years of Experience 
  • Fast Camera Inspections
  • Our Leak Find Is Guaranteed
  • Expert Leak Detection Technicians
  • Trained On Advanced Detection
  • We Work With All Insurance Companies
  • Fast Plumbing Reports
  • Reports For Insurance Purposes
  • Immediate Emergency Response

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