In this article we are going to be talking about copper pipe pinhole leaks. These leaks seem to be affecting the city of Miramar in South Florida the most. 

Leak Detection in Miramar

Quick History of Miramar

The city of Miramar was incorporated on May 26, 1955. It was named after the Miramar area of Havana, Cuba. Miramar translates to “look at the sea” in Spanish. At the time of incorporation, the city had a population of fewer than two hundred people.  

Today there are over 140,000 residents and  40,000 households. Many of them are upset and asking questions. The reason they are upset is over the last 7 years, there has been an increase in copper pinhole leaks. Many residents of Miramar are looking for answers. 

Miramar Investigation

The city of Miramar launched an investigation on why this leaks are happening. They brought on different experts to help. Unfortunately, there was no clear answer to why the leaks are happening. They even ruled out water treatment as a cause. The city believes it may be due to other issues like the quality of the copper used in the pipes. In addition, homes that are not properly grounded could be a cause.

Unusual high water bills in Miramar

The usual indicator to look out for in your home is a high water bill or multiple water damage spots around the home. They can be in the ceilings or at the baseboards. This specific customer had both issues. 

Now let’s get into the process of what to do next. First we check the meter it’s usually an easy way to know if you have an active leak.

Leak Detection in Miramar

Once we are identified your meter is moving or you have water damage stains, we want to trace all the copper lines throughout the home. We do this by connecting the transmitter to the lines and using a location device to locate the signal from the pipes. 

Gen ear location 

Once we’ve located the pipes now we want to identify where the pinhole leaks are located. We do this using a leak sound amplification device throughout the pipes and find the leaks through vibrations and sound. 

Plumbing Report & Estimate

Once we’ve located all the pipes we are ready to create a comprehensive report with pictures and recommendations. With this report plumber can create an estimate for repairs or many people use this for the insurance company as detailed causation reports to help determine coverage.

If more than one leak is found we usually recommend replacing all the lines because the pipe is most likely defective

Copper Pipes Replaced

Finally, if you’re looking to get your copper pipes replaced, we have one of the top recommended repair divisions in the area.

Our sister company Hernandez plumbing has done over 50 pipe replacements in the city of Miramar. In addition they have been around for over 50 years.  Also, they can offer zero interest financing for larger projects.

Another thing to consider is the city of Miramar is offering a 1% interest loan for pipe-related leaks.  

When it comes to replacing the pipes most of them will be rerouted through the attic and Walls. 

If you need any help in any step of the process don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here to help.

Having a great relationship with the insurance companies, most of our customers use our no out-of-pocket option with direct insurance billing.

We specialize in leak detections and we guarantee we will offer you a solution.

We also offer mold tests just in case the water leak created a dangerous toxic  environment inside your home 

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