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Effective plumbing reports are clutch to making money

The main purpose of a plumbing report writing is to provide documentation to inform the client and any other parties concerned confirming the plumbing issues at a property. This is key for two reasons:

  • Having a complete service record will help them understand how to help their clients better in the future.
  • This will also help in terms of legal protection. If you provide a detailed report, you’ll have a better legal defense if the client is unhappy with your services.
  • Everyone needs them fast, dependable, and correct. This is not an easy task from any perspective.

    Understanding the paper trail can be a stress-reliever!

    What goes into a solid plumbing report is essential to establish clear communication  of service and expectation between the company and client.

    Elements of an effective plumbing report writing

    • Easy to read format with clear explanations
    • Detailed analysis
    • Documentation with clear Images
    • Exact locations of breakage  
    • Estimate of repair per line item
    • Suggestions for repairs

    The Benefits of a well-written plumbing inspection report 

    Plumbing reports are a baseline method to help communicate to your clients, while providing some additional legal protection for your team. However, going the extra mile and writing an effective report means additional benefits, like the following:

    More customer trust: A customer who gets a better understanding of their problems from your report will be more likely to come to you when the time is right to get that service done.

    Less back-and-forth: It can be frustrating for your team to have a series of communications back and forth with clients who don’t understand what your reports mean or recommend. The better job you do in the reporting stage, the less this happens.

    More informed clients: Clients that have a better understanding of their plumbing situation and needs are less likely to be unsatisfied/blame you for issues that are outside of your control.

    Plumbing Reports are tedious!

    We have a dedicated team that specializes in this only.

    Quality & Quantity - We Do Both. 

    If you’re looking for an example of a company that puts together high-quality plumbing reports, be sure to reach out to Total Leak Detection. We have the quality standard of service to help our customers detect and attend to leaks in their homes, all built around accurate and effective reporting.

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